Are You Spending Quality Time With Your Kids? 3 Ways To Engage Daily With Them

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Kids grow up so fast! Don’t they?! I have three little ones at home ages 7, 5, 3.

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! One of my main life’s priorities is to be present for my kids, to show them that Dad is around, and not just around but also Engaged. It’s much easier to say I love you, than it is to live it by our actions.

I am by no means perfect, and I fail at times. However there are a few areas where I am excelling when it comes showing my little ones that I care, and love them.

After Your Work Day…It’s Time To Punch Back In!

Ok parents! So the work day is over, it was a long day and you’re weary. The first thing you want to do when you get home is kick up your feet, eat some delicious food, and put on your favorite show. Not so fast! Your kids are eager to engage with you! They haven’t seen you for most of the day, and are thrilled their mommy and/or daddy are home!

Meet their energy level as soon as you walk in the door!

My three year old comes running up to me excitedly screaming daddy, daddy when I enter the door. I get down on his level, pick him up, spin him around and roar his name in a playful manner. This helps him understand that daddy loves to see him! That he is special and loved!
Parents we must show our kids with action that we are excited to see them! That starts the minute we get home from work.

Get Active with your kids!

Take some time now to play with them. Whether that is sitting down and playing a video game, walking around the block, or simply taking a trip to the park. This shows them not only are my mommy/daddy happy to see me, BUT they also want to spend time with me! The temptation to push your kids away, and focus on your needs and desires is great. Fight that with all your might! The 15–20 minutes you spend engaging with them right after work will do more than you can imagine! Make a fun routine with them, so each day they look forward to seeing you. I created a routine where in the morning we take a walk around the block and pick up trash! (How to Crush Your Morning Routine) They love that time spent with daddy, and look forward to it each and every morning.

Read Every Night With Your Kids

Reading is so important for your kids, and forming that habit for them at a young age will have so many benefits as they grow older. Also it’s a time to connect and spend precious time. If you have more than one child have them take turns picking out which books to read. Make the books fun using your crazy voices, allowing room for laughs, and giggles. If your kids are old enough to read, make sure you take turns reading, and see who can make the best character voices.

As we all know, our kids grow up much faster than we imagine. Taking time to spend with them daily is crucial. We all do not want to be that parent who 20 years down the line, look back and regret the time wasted spend on meaningless selfish activities. Let us commit to our children, giving them the time they deserve!

So get out there and create your routines that engages your kids each and every day!

How are you planning to engage your kids this week?



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