I Can’t Wait for Monday…

Unashamed Encouragement
2 min readOct 22, 2018

I just had to get this one off my chest. I hear it all the time, and to be honest I dislike the saying. There is a couple of sayings:


Happy Friday

Is it Friday yet?

I just can’t wait till Friday.

I’m looking forward to Friday.

Stop with all this Friday Nonsense!

Yes, I understand Friday is the last day of the work week (usually) I understand that you have a weekend that can be used to hang with friends and family, not having to worry about the work week.

But every single day is a gift from God.

Every single day we have a new opportunity to: grow, to learn, to love, to laugh, to heal, and to be thankful for the simple things in life.

We become less grateful for the present when we keep fixing our gaze on what is yet to come.

In others words…when we keep hoping for Friday we can miss so much beauty on Tuesday, or Thursday, Wednesday… and yes even Monday!

We must change our mindset when it comes to the normal 5 day work week. No longer should we say… Gosh, I have to go to work, Ugh I’m so tired. But instead with a smile on our face, express a thankfulness that we have the opportunity to work, to provide for ourselves and others.

Just the fact that you woke up today with breath in your lungs is a blessing. So let us stop hoping for a new day when the current day just started!

You know how many days I have wakened up, and just wanted to stay in bed? A lot! How many days I wanted to call into work sick even when I was not sick. How many times I wish the week was over, so I could enjoy the weekend.

We all have these moments. My challenge to you is to take a deep breathe close your eyes and be thankful for this very moment.

Look around and see everything you have been blessed with. The very screen that you are reading this on is something to be thankful for! The ability to read this text is something to be thankful for, means you received an education. (More than 30 million adults in the united stated cannot read or write.)

When we slow down our minds and take a moment to be thankful, all of a sudden we won't care what day it is.


Because on any-day we will be able to find to joy, even amidst the chaos.

“Find joy in the simple things, and life will always be fulfilling” — kombucha bottle

Slow down, breath and take the time to be thankful for this Monday.