Daily Encouragement from 1 Peter 4:16

Unashamed Encouragement
2 min readJul 23, 2020
Rod Long

But it is no shame to suffer for being Christian. Praise God for the privilege of being called by his name.

1 Peter 4:16

We live in a world becoming more hostile towards Christians. Standing up for truth is only going to become more difficult by the day. In a world of political-correctness, making sure you don’t offend, and respecting everyone’s feelings, it’s easy to be insulted by others.

As we grow in our relationship with Christ it should be of no surprise if we experience some level of suffering because of it!

No one enjoys suffering, however we can take courage! Knowing that we are children of God, and one day when He cracks the sky.

He will call us by name!

Thank you Lord!

Be encouraged in your suffering, and trails for we serve a God who we can trust in, and who promises never to fail us!

How have you suffered for Christ?

For myself it’s been learning to love my spouse who does not have a relationship with Jesus. It’s tough to stand for truth when the truth is not always received well. At times I do feel persecuted within my own home, nevertheless I continue to press on, and do my best to share the love of Christ!

Everyone's suffering will look a bit different, but our answer is always the same. To continue to seek the Lord in all we do. Praising Him all along the way!

Be Encouraged today!

God has never, and will never leave you!

Much Love!

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